Kickass tweets from #AgileIndia2012 #Agile #Scrum

by Sampath Prahalad

Here are some Kickass quotes (in the form of tweets) from the recently concluded 3 day Agile India 2012 conference (my experience at the conference on Day 1Day 2 and Day 3) at Le Meridean, Bangalore.

Most of them were quotes that the presenters came up with during the course of their talks and workshops. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did and get to learn from them.

Top contributors for the kickass quotes: Rebecca Parsons, Tathagat Varma and Scott Ambler.

Disclaimer 1: These are in no particular order or preference.

Disclaimer 2: When I am not sure of the conference speaker who came up with the quote, I have put the name of the person who tweeted it.

Agile Work Culture 

  • @rebeccaparsons: “No need for Heroes” in Agile
  • @scottwambler: Bureaucracy isn’t discipline.
  • @rebeccaparsons: How can any process protect you from people who don’t know how to do their job?
  • @rebeccaparsons: Do you really believe that waterfall protects you better from people who don’t know how to do their job?
  • @rebeccaparsons: Done is binary. How can you distinguish between a task being 70% done & 80%?
  • @nashjain: The company culture matters much more than what country you are from.
  • @scottwambler: Even if you’re working in cubes, you are subtly distributed.
  • @rebeccaparsons: Agile gives no place to hide
  • @rebeccaparsons: The vast majority of software people I know are nicely functional human beings
  • @rebeccaparsons: Agile is disciplined, sustainable, and grounded in reality
  • @rebeccaparsons : We’re not just order takers. If some1 says somthng that makes no sense, we have a responsibility 2 say so.
  • @rebeccaparsons : Cavalier attitudes can not survive in an Agile team.

Agile Coaching

  • @madhurkathuria: A good agile coach is someone who can make himself job less.
  • @sawhney_rahul: Don’t flatter…Appreciate.
  • @bentmyllerup: A coach is a Game Master. He steers and co-ordinates the conversation

Agile Practices and Processes

  • @TathagatVarma: No project gets late 30 days at once, it gets late 1 day at a time.
  • @scottwambler: Repeatable process is useless beureacracy. Everyone wants Repeatable results, nothing else.
  • @venkat_s: Perfectionalism leads to analysis paralisys
  • @scrumguru: Application s/w takes the shape of the container that it is put in.Works diff on Dev,qa,staging& customer
  • @gigantiqandy Measure outcome not output.
Agile Coding & Testing:
  • @ScrumGuruQuality Control: S/w Dev process should be tuned so that defects r minimized.#Quality Control happens when a defect is prevented from occurring. #Agile
  • @venkat_s while evangelising refactoring: Bad code is like the dark room in ur grandma’s home-you’re afraid 2 go there
  • @venkat_s: Make code clear, not clever
  • @scrumguru: When people say they don’t believe in pair programming, ask if they believe in code review!
  • @scottwambler: If the architects don’t code, the developers won’t respect them.
  • Pradeep Soundararajan: If someone says that they have cracked the puzzle of testing, STOP listening to them


  • @TathagatVarma: Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future – Niels Bohr
  • @TathagatVarma change is what it is , not good or bad , it happens anyways
  • @Thush: great talk by Freeset at#agileindia2012 not about agility but humanity, business doesn’t mean only business all the time.
  • @aslamkhn: It turns out my#agileindia2012 conference bag is a lot more meaningful than any other conference bag ever. #Freeset
  • @alexeykri: Offshoring is a place where you can fail your projects at lower costs.

Apologize if some real kickass tweet got left out. Do let me know and I shall include it.


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