Super Scrum master. Duties of a Scrum Master. Dramatized. :o)

by Sampath Prahalad

There is a saying that I recently read on the web.

‘It is easy to find a Scrummaster, It is hard to find a good one’

Take a look at this well made video on the duties of a ScrumMaster. Quite dramatized, ensures that you will surely not miss the point.

Ian here is quite serious about the duties of the Scrum Master, but his methods are questionable.


One Comment to “Super Scrum master. Duties of a Scrum Master. Dramatized. :o)”

  1. Actually I’ve been wanting to blog about this video.

    There are many things that trouble me about it:

    #1) The scrum master is an obnoxious person

    #2) Who sexually harasses a female

    #3) Jeff pretends to be a CEO without saying that it is him as Saleman, falsely making yet more claims of “Hyperproductivity”

    #4) The Scrum master solves a fictious impediment in a ficticious way — the power outage thing

    #5) They never show him dealing with a real impediment

    #6) He just wants to be a scrum master so he can be a power tripping jerk

    Not only is this a great video of how not to be a scrum master, it’s a great video of why not to do scrum at all


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