You think you know Scrum? Take this test.

by Sampath Prahalad

Hmm.. So, you think that you know all about Scrum or at least most of it?

Take the Scrum Open Assessment from was founded by Ken Schwaber, one of the creators of Scrum.

The below is a dump from

The Scrum Open assessment is available for free to anyone interested in testing their knowledge of Scrum. The assessment consists of 30 questions randomly selected from a larger pool. The average score on this assessment is 78%. The assessment was developed during a rigorous 6-month period of inspection and adaptation.

This assessment helped me assess my knowledge when I was preparing for my PMI-ACP Certificate exam.

Try it out…

All the best.


2 Comments to “You think you know Scrum? Take this test.”

  1. Thanks for the link. My score was 61%. Not too shabby for a non-practitioner (but trained as a scrummaster 7 years ago)

  2. Pretty good. Trained as a ScrumMaster 7 years ago. Impressive that you believed in Scrum at a time when it was nascent. Thanks for your comments.

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