Notes for the daily scrum meeting.

by Sampath Prahalad

I had this discussion yesterday where one of the managers asked for Note taking during the daily scrum meeting so that it can be referred to at a later point of time.

Seems like a good idea, but here are my points.

  • Scrum is for the team. Anyone outside the delivery team who wants to know what is happening should attend the daily scrum and HAS to be a chicken.
  • Also, as a necessary good practice, Chickens (people who are not part of the delivery team) should make it a point to keep silent.  
  • Any team member attending it daily will be aware of any key decisions taken or progress made. 
  • If the notes are needed because there are absentees regularly in the daily scrum, the problem that we have is that of absenteeism. All team members have to be part of the daily Scrum, be attentive and stick to the 3 questions.

In summary, I feel that Scrum Notes are an overhead on one person (who has to maintain them) and does not really help anyone who genuinely wants to work closely with the team.

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