Big company wanting to go Agile.

by Sampath Prahalad


Here is a question that was being discussed in the Scrum practitioner’s group. My answer below.


Q. We are big company and thinking of adopting Scrum for our future releases. I want to get some idea and do’s and don’t on moving from waterfall to Agile.


A. Scrum success depends on both a Top down support and a Bottom up support. By this, I mean that the Senior management has to support it and also the team members.. So, to start on that, you have to train the management and the teams to a good extent.


And yes, try it out with ONE small project/product whose team size is less than 10 people. The key would be to keep engaging with all people involved so that you get to know the feedback and fine tune it. Once you have got it rolling, you can then take it to the next 2-3 projects.. You might get some backlash and resistance initially, but if there is enough management support, it will succeed.



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