Scrum…. But,

by Sampath Prahalad

Today, I completed my 2 day course aimed to making me a ‘Certified Scrum Master’. The course is organized by Scrum Alliance.

The training was held at Ista yesterday(6th Sep 2010) and today(7th Sep 2010) by Pete Deemer, a founder of the Scrum Training institute.

Amazing guy Pete. The course content, the presentation and the authority that Pete displayed on the topic was phenomenal. Loaded with a good number of exercises, each aimed at driving home a point about Scrum, the training touched upon each and every aspect of Scrum.

After the training, I see that most companies do not implement Scrum. They implement ‘Scrum… but’.

This means that when someone asks them if they use Scrum in the organization, they say “ Yes, we implement Scrum, but we do this or that differently”.

For example:

‘Yes, we implement Scrum but our Sprints go beyond 4 weeks’  OR

‘Yes, we implement Scrum but we don’t have daily Scrum meetings’  OR

‘Yes, we implement Scrum but we don’t have a Scrum Master’ OR

‘Yes, we implement Scrum but the Product Owner does not attend our Sprint Planning meetings’.

These are not Scrum, they really are ‘Scrum, But’

In my next couple of blogs, I shall list out the roles and rules of Scrum



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